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East eXpress makes international shipments from East Asian & South East Asian Economic Center (China, Taiwan & Singapore) Safe & Easy for Everyone. Feel the ease of importing and grow your business with us!

Sea Freight LCL

“Sea freight LCL is goods shipping service via sea. With LCL you can send your goods in small quantities, because in one container your goods will be mixed with other people’s shipments.

The advantage of using LCL is of course the very cheap shipping costs. Even if your goods are mixed with other people’s things, we still make sure your goods will be safe. “

Air Freight LCL

“Air freight LCL is the delivery of goods by air. The advantage of using LCL by Air is that the duration of the shipment is very fast and very suitable for those of you who want to send items with speed of delivery requirement.

The fee for this service on East eXpress is only Rp 235,000,-/kg with minimum 3kg of shipment”

Full Container Load

“FCL (Full Container Load) is a service of goods shipment using a full container dedicated for only one customer. All items in the container belong to one costumer only without being mixed with other people’s shipment.

We offer FCL services as a solution for those of you who have a large number of importing needs. FCL also it could fasten the shipping process because we don’t need to wait until the container is full”

Transfer to RMB (yuan)

“Transfer service to an account in China is for those of you who do not have an account in China but need a Chinese account to make transactions with suppliers.

East eXpress has a transfer service to an account in China to facilitate your transactions with suppliers. You only need to transfer money in Rupiah to our account and our team will transfer the money to your supplier in China in the form of RMB (YUAN).”

The Fast & Easy Way of Delivery Service



Suppliers play an important role in the sustainability of your business. As much as possible we must choose a reliable supplier and provide quality goods, our team can help find a quality supplier if you don't have a supplier yet in China.


First Mile

Begin the process of sending your goods, we will provide our warehouse address after you complete the transaction with the supplier. Inform us about your shipment goods and East eXpress will take care of coordinating the rest.


China Warehouse

The East eXpress warehouse team in China will always be ready to receive your goods. We will ensure the accuracy of the goods and documents provided. The advantage of having a warehouse in China is that your goods will be taken care by our team and will speed up the loading process to container.



"With a large number of cross-border shipments, especially from China, and limited ship/plane schedule, you must ensure there is enough space for your goods in cargo. But don't worry, the East eXpress network will help you to ensure room availability for your goods and will send your goods using the fastest service to Indonesia"


Customs Clearance at Indonesia

Taking care of customs in Indonesia is quite complex. At East eXpress, we will help you through the process in accordance with applicable law and ensure your shipment is not detained at customs.


Jakarta Warehouse

The East eXpress warehouse in Jakarta will check and reconcile documents for all goods that have arrived at the Jakarta warehouse and immediately coordinate with the team after the goods arrive at the warehouse and then inform you about your goods.


Last Mile

Your goods are one step towards your door! After the payment process is complete, we send and ensure the goods arrive in your hands according to the order.