FAQ East Express

First, ensure that you have chosen the supplier for your goods and the transaction was done. Then, we would give you the Marking Code & our storage address in China, and then it would be forwarded to the supplier by you. The Supplier would send your goods to our storage, then, we would transport your goods to your place in Indonesia.

For Sure! East eXpress provide buying service from China, we have agent team which could help you get the goods you are looking for. You only need to prepare the picture or the URL link of the goods that you are looking for.

By sea, East eXpress provide import service with 0,5 cbm as the minimum and by air 3 kg as the minimum.

By sea, your goods could be arrived only in 3-4 weeks! And, by air only 2-3 weeks!

Relax! Your goods are insured and we would payback 100% if the goods are broken or missinig.

East eXpress would ensure your goods have arrived in Jakarta before we give you an invoice, so don’t be afraid.

Foremost, the price in China is super cheap. so that business in could resell the goods with competitive price. Besides, China are famous for their production industry, so that almost every goods you are looking for are available in China.

You don’t need to deal with them. We would take care the documents, customs duty, and taxes.

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